Give and Take – Own Gifs

Money grabbers

So here I have made three mini gifs of fingers from my daily drawing.I traced my fingers and made a digital drawn animation, inverted photograph and photographs of a pavement I was walking across with a paper hand. I linked these gifs to one of my words which was “Money” I thought about hands grabbing money and went from there. To stray away from the word I completely deterred from money objects.




Market Ready – 19th October

Today as a group we certified out name and have a logo design that we are now improving – looking into new colour palettes that we could also potentially use for our product design. We have also come up with a snappy slogan that suits our goal and  business name.

We have come up with a range of products that we could potentially sell and we are now looking into pricing and content that will come with our products.



Typography 17th Oct

Today using Indesign I created two posters back to back about a type specimen. I based my type on one called “Superclarendon”. I looked into the type itself and its origins where I showed my findings in a paragraph on the poster and presented it on the pages using symbols, letters, numbers, punctuation and changed the size and spacing of the font.

I decided to go with the basic colour scheme of using grayscale as I found this is a powerful way to present the font I have chosen.


Brief work – Sunday 15th October 2017

Today I was working on researching the words I was given: Money, Talk and White. I continued to go on the internet and ask people what they thought of the words and the majority of the tings that were brought up were objects such as notes & pounds, bones, speech bubble, megaphone and teeth. Since I had a page full of words to link, I made drawings to portray my thoughts on the words as well as others. I plan on choosing a couple of images/words for each theme, then further exploring and using my findings to create outcomes for my project.



Give and Take – Friday 13th October

In class today I studied creating GIFS/ mini animations using our own hands as well as digital programs and materials such as photoshop and photographs. it started with placing stickers into boxes to show the process of a ball bouncing on the page within each frame. After getting the hang of that.

I advanced onto taking an image out of my daily drawing A6 sketchbook and drew frames to show parts of the drawing moving on each frame. Once that was done I went onto the computers to produce a stop motion animation. I decided to add images into my own drawn images such as waves, fish scales and seaweed to add character which I believed turned out to work extremely well!

I would definitely like to carry n with experimenting stop motion. Turns out basic methods can create wonders!



Creative Industry Practice

Today we have chosen the name Illuminate as a studio name to work with (or Illumin8). We ere missing a few members from our group so our name has not been confirmed completely. We went out to Middlesex Road and went to different businesses and gathered booklets, leaflets, menus, business cards and looked into their features to attract members of the public to their business. we hope to use this research findings for our own work.

Critical Thinking Intro – 10th October

Critical Thinking: Factual, vertical, rational, objective, convergent.

Design ( Creative) Thinking: Speculation, lateral, emotional, subjective, divergent.

  • Knowledge- Analysis
  • Comprehension – Deciphering
  • Application – Puts it into practice
  • Analysis – Breaking down research and attaining it. How ideas can be ordered. Making it clear.
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluation – Summary

These are the words that help to make up Critical Thinking and what we were taught today.

In this lesson. we had a series of tasks that both nurtured and worked out brains into solving problems to do with shapes, orders and wording. I enjoyed it and it gave a real insight as to what critical thinking is all about.

Give and Take Intro – Friday 6th October

Art direction, what is it? This was the start of what we will be exploring in this lesson. Today I received my project brief and c=the class had to choose three words each, at random, to have as a basis for what our sketchbooks and work will be about. This was great!

The three words I picked out were:

  • Money
  • Talk
  • White

I have already begun my research into the words and will further develop key subjects to stem off of.


In addition throughout the year I will be drawing everyday in an A6 Sketchbook of anything that I see, imagine, want to keep and doodle.

Creative Industry Practice – Thursday 5th October

Today We were introduced into the business side of our course within the art industry. We looked into ket subjects such as: Time management,, Recording, Communication, Presentation and Creativity & Enterprise.

We received our project information and then went on into groups to create a product, brand name and gather information and ideas to present later on in the year. The team I worked with brainstormed and split the workload into 4 main subjects: Design, Treasurer, Curator and Marketer.We also looked into Design industry names/ professions within a business.

We brainstormed names for our company and will use the next lesson to confirm it.

Making my Placards

Placards 15th may 2017

Today I have been making my placards. When creating my experiment pieces it wasn’t nearly as daunting as working on the larger scale pieces. In addition I was limited on card so if it went wrong I would have been in trouble. Green, blue, pink and purple are he colours I have decided to work with as I wanted to try working with colours I’m not use to using consistently. I also decided to use a scalpel and marker pen rather than digital edits for my placards so they appear home made and more personal.