Visual Sound – Taking notes

Level 6, Visual Sound
  • Notes and facts from today’s lesson
  • Don’t have to use the sound in the final.
  • Think about how each workshop feeds into each idea.
  • Outcome can be anything as long as it links or has a good reason.
  • Mark Wilson.
  • Damien Borowick.
  • Ask yourself: Can print be digital?
  • Not just sound and visual artists.
  • Territory studio, empty set, zimoun.
  • The girl chewing gum – John Smith.

We have been giver the task of recording a sound or motion everyday into a sketchbook. This will be interesting as sound and motion can be seen as in a vast amount of styles.


Work Ready 2 – Brick Lane

Level 6, Work Ready 2

Today we travelled from Petticoat Lane, to Brick Lane documenting photographs of existing way- finding signage. This was very resourceful seeing as it inspired ideas for our own development and ideas. In addition we could see what existed already in terms of how this would affect the design structure of our work.

Visual Sound – Nik Hill pt 1

Level 6, Work Ready 2

In this lesson we had a Motion Graphic Designer named Nik Hill teach us about Using the software Cinema 4D. He taught us that the best way to learn is by following YouTube tutorials and that is what we did. We also had an insight on the type of work he was producing and what he has made for the clients he had worked for. This was inspiring to see what he was able to create using the same software as we were for this lesson. I truly enjoyed learning to use this software but was also baffled by how following 5 to 8 minute tutorials took me hours to do what they were doing. But I guess it’s all about the learning and picking up on things.

Visual Sound – Recording the sound

Level 6, Visual Sound

Today we listened to music from various artists and we were given set instructions on how to record these sounds. We could use any drawing materials for this process. Some of the instructions were to draw continuously, draw in shapes, eyes closed and to tear paper. We then scanned and printed some of our outcomes and swapped them in order to produce a new collaborative piece. We did this using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This was a refreshing way to produce work especially with using sounds.

Work Ready 2 – First Lesson

Level 6, Work Ready 2

In Work Ready 2 we gained a better understanding of what the course entails as well as looking into our briefs and selecting which one we wanted to work with. In order to complete this brief we have to work in groups. I am currently working with three other peers on the class and together we chose the brief “Way-Finding”.

The other briefs were: Architectural Floodlighting and Themed Crossings/ Walkways.

After selecting our brief and having a talk with a member we of staff, we looked into qualities we all have and that we can use as well as planning our meetings. How to do about researching, and write down our thoughts for what we can do for Way- Finding.

Visual Sound – Studio X

Level 6, Visual Sound

Today we went over our new brief for Project 1 which is based on interpreting sound. We will have to design a visual response to sound based on an audio given to us. The idea is to use the sound as a client. After going through the brief we decided on our studio name – Studio X as well as looking into artists whose work had related to sounds. We looked into artists such as: Ryoji Ikeda, Clayton Welham, Sophie Clements, Max Hattler and Julio Le Parc. These artists were good to help inspire ideas and gain an understanding of how far we ca to with our ideas.

Today we also came up with logo ideas for our studio and voted for one.


Completed Advert

Level 5

Today I have officially completed my Microsoft Surface animated advert. I am actually rather happy bout how it turned out. I wish I had the time to work with it some more and experiment a little with colour and maybe even photography. I feel that it fits well with the idea of infinite creativity. I tried making it different to what Microsoft usually portrays when it comes to advertising the Surface. Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 09.04.55.png

Final Outcomes – Body

Level 5

I have now completed my Broad publication. I feel that I have accomplished a lot with this publication as I was experimenting and I kept getting new ideas and plans for the outcome of “Body”. It has completely changed from my original layout plans which has improved the overall appearance. I struggled with the binging as the stapler kept jamming and ruining the staples however it has not affected the work too badly.




9th May – Broad Print Upload

Level 5

I have scanned all of the prints I made in the letterpress room and I am currently editing them getting them ready for placement in my Broad Publication. They all seem to work together very well so I am now planning on having a publication featuring mainly print work rather than sketches and digital drawings alone.  I am starting to enjoy this project a lot more now that my work has a theme.



5th May – Assembling my Sketchbook

Level 5

I have spent the majority of the day putting my sketchbook for collection together. I have a lot of annotating to do as well as sticking down my progresses. Looking at al the work I have produced I feel that I have made a sketchbook that I can be positive about as the work process flowed rather well with this project.  I am hoping that my sketchbook shows a good amount of slow to the progresses I went through. In addition I hope I have enough content shown.