Completed Advert

Today I have officially completed my Microsoft Surface animated advert. I am actually rather happy bout how it turned out. I wish I had the time to work with it some more and experiment a little with colour and maybe even photography. I feel that it fits well with the idea of infinite creativity. I tried making it different to what Microsoft usually portrays when it comes to advertising the Surface. Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 09.04.55.png


Final Outcomes – Body

I have now completed my Broad publication. I feel that I have accomplished a lot with this publication as I was experimenting and I kept getting new ideas and plans for the outcome of “Body”. It has completely changed from my original layout plans which has improved the overall appearance. I struggled with the binging as the stapler kept jamming and ruining the staples however it has not affected the work too badly.




9th May – Broad Print Upload

I have scanned all of the prints I made in the letterpress room and I am currently editing them getting them ready for placement in my Broad Publication. They all seem to work together very well so I am now planning on having a publication featuring mainly print work rather than sketches and digital drawings alone.  I am starting to enjoy this project a lot more now that my work has a theme.



5th May – Assembling my Sketchbook

I have spent the majority of the day putting my sketchbook for collection together. I have a lot of annotating to do as well as sticking down my progresses. Looking at al the work I have produced I feel that I have made a sketchbook that I can be positive about as the work process flowed rather well with this project.  I am hoping that my sketchbook shows a good amount of slow to the progresses I went through. In addition I hope I have enough content shown.




4th May – Broad

I decided to create some prints using Letterpress as well as mono-printing techniques. It got real messy but I was completely absorbed by the colour pigments I was able to create. Sadly I was unable to make the original skin tones that I wanted for my Broad publication however I feel that the purple and blue colour palettes are even better. They give off a theme of “Reflection”.



4th May – Collection Book Final Outcome

Today I have received my “Collection Book”. From a first glance everything looked good to the point where I was excited about opening the pages. Once I looked into the inner pages of the book I couldn’t be more happier. Everything seems to have gone very well The imagery is at a good standard, I didn’t see any page errors and everything seems to be as I had planned it. I am extremely happy with the overall outcome and glad that I had the right amount of pages. In addition I am in love with the colour scheme and I’m glad it turned out so well. The feature pages are nicely decorated and I worried that they may have been over designed however that does not seem to be the case.




30th April – Collection: Print on Demand Time

I have sent off my book to You Love Print to get my Collection book completely assembled and looking good. It was frustrating trying to get the pages to go in the right order therefore I had to make multiple files to get the pages right, The front cover, the Back cover, The spine and The inner pages. In addition I had to add each of these PDF documents in a certain order so they would not upload themselves in the wrong places. After getting to this point the process was rather easy. A couple of times I had to re-upload as image quality became a problem but all I had to to was reinsert them to get the quality back. I am glad I used this site and glad that it worked nicely for myself as I have heard it gave a few of my peers problems. I also learned how to make a spine using Indesign which is handy seeing as I know I want to start making publications. The price wasn’t too bad and I am now looking forward to getting my hands on my book. I ordered a total of three books. I only needed two but the third was the same price as just having two.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 21.36.37